Summit Buys Untitled Action-Comedy from THE ROCK Writers About Two Men Who Reposess Airplanes

     October 12, 2011


Summit bought an untitled action-comedy pitch today.  Variety was unable to uncover too many details, but the one detail that did surface is wonderfully unique: the story will track two repo men who repossess… airplanes!  The story was hatched by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg, the writing team behind The Rock—so how can you go wrong?  Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and JC Spink (The Hangover Part II) will produce.

This is the second pitch Cook and Weisberg have sold to Summit in recent months alongside a “female ensemble actioner.”  The duo also has Blank Slate set up at Bold Entertainment and Nick Rachett at Disney.  This busy slate comes over a decade after Cook and Weisberg’s last credit, 1999’s Double Jeopardy.

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