DOWNTON ABBEY Series 4 Trailer Features Singing, Dancing, Laughing, Crying, Pouting, and Fighting … Welcome to Downton!

     August 31, 2013


Downton Abbey doesn’t return to PBS’ Masterpiece for its fourth season until January 5, 2014, but there’s no reason to wait that long to get a glimpse at what’s coming up.  Needless to say, the inhabitants of the title manor and the surrounding boroughs will have to deal with the consequences brought about by the events of the previous season (how’s that for vague?).  If you’re caught up on the show thus far and want more specifics, check out Christina’s recent interview with star, Michelle Dockery.

Cast members Hugh BonnevilleDame Maggie SmithElizabeth McGovernMichelle DockeryLaura CarmichaelSophie McSheraRob James-CollierPhyllis LoganJim CarterPenelope WiltonLily James and many more, will be joined by Shirley MacLainePaul Giamatti along with a few new faces.  Hit the jump to see some of them in the newly-released teaser trailer.

Watch the trailer for season/series four of Downton Abbey below: