‘Dragon Ball Legends’ Summer Update: A Perfect Way for New Players to Get in the Game

     August 3, 2018


If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise but haven’t been playing the excellent mobile game Dragon Ball Legends, now’s the perfect time to get on board. A recent update to the fighting game that folds in fan-favorite characters and storylines alongside new faces and a brand new narrative makes this game more accessible than ever to newcomers while rewarding hardcore players. Essentially, you start off by controlling the new and original character Shallot who fights against and alongside characters from all throughout the Dragon Ball franchise. And this massive summer campaign update just added a bunch more!

The game has been teasing the arrival of the Androids for a while now, and as of the latest updates, there are quite a few of them to recruit, fight with, and battle against. But the most recent update has added an insane seven promotional events (one for each Dragon Ball, you might say) that will allow new players to rapidly catch up while long-time players can continue to pad out their stats. The addition of an all-new Master Class tier and the ability to gain increased experience and in-game currency means that now is the best possible time to get playing.

Here’s a rundown of everything the Summer campaign update has brought to the mobile game:



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Image via Bandai Namco

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