‘Dragon Ball Super’s Final Arc in the Tournament of Power Is about to Begin

     January 3, 2018


Spoilers ahead for folks who aren’t caught up with Dragon Ball Super.

Hey, it’s 2018, so let’s talk about Dragon Ball Super! If you missed out on our explanation of Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation or the franchise’s newest fusion character, you’ve got plenty of time to get up to speed. Dragon Ball Super took New Year’s Eve off, so if you’re current with the show itself, you have until this coming Sunday to do so. Then, Episode 122 will continue the epic arc of the universe-destroying Tournament of Power. [Edit: If you’re watching Crunchyroll’s simulcast, we’re assuming this episode will air in their usual Saturday, 8:15pm ET slot, though they haven’t confirmed it yet.]

That tournament has been blasting along for a number of episodes now even though only about 40 minutes have passed in the show itself. But a lot of carnage has taken place in those 40 minutes; only two universes remain, and their combatants are about to square off. Yes, Universe 7’s fan-favorite folks–Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Android 17 and Frieza– are still kicking, because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t have a show. They’ll go up against the surviving members of Universe 11–Toppo, Dyspo, and Jiren–in what’s got to be the final arc in this particular story. So just who is going to square up, who’s going to be eliminated, and who’s going to reign victorious? Your guess is as good as ours, but the answers to some of those questions will be answered sooner than later!

If you’re a Dragon Ball Super fan, you’ll want to follow along with Todd Blankenship on Twitter. Translations, spoilers, and live-tweets pepper this account, and it gives us some of the best hints at what’s to come on the Super Saiyan series. Here’s an example for the upcoming episode:

Now obviously Goku and Jiren aren’t going to re-engage in their previous skirmish just yet, especially when Vegeta is still around and mad at being outclassed by Kakarot once again. So what’s a sub-standard Saiyan prince to do but challenge the over-powered, nigh untouchable god-like warrior to one-on-one combat? We’ll see how well that works out–and whether or not Vegeta will make all of his Tumblr and DeviantArt fans’ dreams come true by learning Ultra Instinct for himself–this Sunday.

Another interesting development in the next episode is the behavior of Frieza, who has been EXTRA this arc by basically staying out of each and every fight. With the exception of occasionally helping out the Universe 7 fighters, Frieza has opted to hang back and watch the battles unfold, perhaps saving his energy for the final fights. In doing so, he’s been an excellent commentator and a sort of power comparison where other fighters are concerned. It’s important to note that even Golden Frieza does not want to tangle with Jiren, though everyone else is within his power range. But apparently, Dyspo (who looks like a combo between Beerus and Roger Rabbit) gets under Frieza’s skin and winds up a target of the mad emperor.

This all sounds like a blast, but does this mean Goku, Gohan, and Android 17 are going to be teaming up against Toppo? Stay tuned to find out!

Check out the preview for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super:

“Dragon Ball Ultra” January 7 (Sunday) Broadcast advance notice 122th episode “Take pride in yourself! The challenge to Vegeta’s strongest!”


Image via Toei Animation