‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals Its First Movie Trailer and It’s Glorious

     March 21, 2018


Dragon Ball Super comes to a close this weekend with the highly anticipated Episode 131, a conclusion to the Universe Survival Saga, the Tournament of Power, and likely the series overall. But that doesn’t mean the story stops there. While we don’t know what fate will befall Goku and his friends and family in Universe 7, we do know that the 20th movie in Akira Toriyama‘s franchise will arrive later this year and will continue Goku’s story–or tell a part of it, at least–as confirmed in the film’s first trailer.

Dubbed simply Dragon Ball Super, the movie will continue after the events of of the currently running anime and will delve into previously unexplored and unexplained aspects related to Frieza and the Saiyans. Fans think, perhaps rightly so, that we’ll be headed to Sadala, the native planet of the powerful race. While the planet was destroyed by the Saiyans themselves in Universe 7, it still exists in Universe 6 … or at least it did until the universe’s fighting team lost out in the tournament. But that universe, and the others, might just be restored at the end of the anime, thus opening up literal universes to exploration for future stories. Exciting stuff! But the most exciting aspect of this trailer is watching Goku warm-up in his traditional appearance in order to take on a new foe!

Check out the first trailer for the Dragon Ball Super movie below!

“Well, time to get started.” Coming soon to theaters, the new Dragon Ball Super movie!

In case you missed Toriyama’s comments on the upcoming film, here they are:

The Dragon Ball Super movie this time around will be the next story that takes place after the anime that’s currently on TV. The content will shed a little light on previously unexplored topics having to do with Frieza and the Saiyans, and I think it will be a very enjoyable story that serves up a long-awaited formidable opponent!


With 2013’s Battle of Gods, the previous installment Resurrection ‘F’, and now this time too, I’ve been the one writing the stories. I’ve also been drawing quite a few things for them, like design illustrations. I’m actually as busy as ever, and if I wasn’t serializing anything, I’d have time to think about the anime with which I used to not have enough time to be involved. (laugh) So on that note, I very much hope you look forward to it!


By the way, I think the highly popular Dragon Ball Super manga, drawn by Toyotaro, is going to see some developments different from the TV anime or movies, so please look forward to that. Be sure to check it out, too!

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