This Week in Animation News: ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Ends Just the Way You Thought It Would

     March 31, 2018


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Dragon Ball Super aired its (likely) series finale last weekend with Episode 131, “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!” and, for the millions of fans out there, it ended just the way we thought it would. Or at least, pretty close to what our best guesses had been all along. If you’re just getting caught up on Dragon Ball Super now, or are following along with the English-language dub, skip on down since this next bit is going to get a little spoilery.

As a brief recap, the hit anime series wrapped with the Universe Survival arc, a.k.a. the Tournament of Power. After pitting teams of various universes’ greatest heroes against each other, with the losers being erased from existence, it came down to the familiar Universe 7 against the newly introduced Universe 11. From that latter universe, only the unbelievably overpowered fighter named Jiren was left standing, but as Goku’s trump card, Ultra Instinct, proved to be too much for his body to handle, it looked as if Universe 7 was about to be wiped out after all. Surprise! Not only were Frieza and Android 17 (somehow) still standing with enough energy to attack the depleted Jiren, Goku too had just enough in the tank to join the fight one last time.


Image via Toei Animation

The twist here was a one-two punch: Not only did Goku–his Super Saiyan hairdo blinking on and off as his power drained–team up with arch-enemy Frieza (a habit of Goku’s when it comes to his mortal enemies-turned-allies) to take down Jiren, it was Android 17 of all people who was left standing when the tournament was all said and done. That was the only real surprise because what came next was expected all along: Android 17’s wish was to restore all of the universes and their people, thus making the tournament one big game after all.

While this obviously opens up literal universes of storytelling to explore in future installments, it’s unclear if Dragon Ball Super will continue as is or if a new series will take over. (Oh and there’s Dragon Ball Super: The Movie arriving later this year to complicate things.) In a couple of funny fourth wall-breaking scenes from the finale, Goku was asked in no uncertain terms just when he’d be back for another adventure or what was “next” for the Saiyan champ. The answer, of course, was kept under wraps. So while we’ll likely get an answer as to what’s next when the movie rolls around, we’ll have to speculate until then … or just watch the series all over again from the beginning! Feel free to share your thoughts on Dragon Ball Super overall in the comments!