Check out 40 Minutes of Cosplay Video from Dragon Con 2013

     October 14, 2013


Dragon Con is a cosplay extravaganza.  There’s even a parade just so people can show off all the hard work they put into making their costumes.  But even the parade is only a small slice of the costumes and creativity that dominate the annual convention, and beatdownboogie has put together a well-made 40-minute video showcasing this year’s Dragon Con.  While we’re always happy to bring your hundreds of cosplay photos, this video makes you feel like you’re actually there.  In fact, I was there, and beatdownboogie’s video is almost as good as the real thing.

Hit the jump to check out the video, and witness all of the great cosplay that comes to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend.

Via beatdownboogieClick here for images.