Almost 200 Images from the Dragon Con 2013 Parade

     September 1, 2013


One of the things that makes Dragon Con special is the parade.  Try walking down the street on a Saturday morning on Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, and you will be crushed against the sides of buildings as the streets are lined with people ready to see all the finest cosplay groups walk down Peachtree Street.  Dragon Con is filled with cosplayers, but watching the grouped together by fandom is incredibly cool.  It’s even cooler when they have vehicles.  All comic book conventions have people walking around hotels and exhibit halls in costumes.  Dragon Con has Speed Racer driving the Mach 5, ghostbusters with multiple Ecto-1s, and a pirate ship just to name a few.  And this parade finished up with a wedding between two Darth Vaders with a steampunk Boba Fett officiating.  One more thing to keep in mind: it was about 80 degrees outside, so please keep in mind the dedication of these cosplayers to walk around in that heat.

Hit the jump to check out almost 200 images from this year’s Dragon Con parade.  If you’re in Atlanta and want to check out the delightful madness, Dragon Con runs through Monday.