Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to Produce Universal’s DRAGONOLOGY

     August 27, 2012


The ever-busy Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have added yet another project to their development slate.  Heat Vision reports that Kurtzman and Orci have signed on to produce an adaptation of the fantasy adventure book series Dragonology.  Instead of reading like novels, the books are presented as long-lost works written by Dr. Ernest Drake in the 19th century.  The central concept of the film is that dragons actually exist, and a team of dragonologists “embark on the quest to avert a plot to use the world’s remaining dragons to wipe out humanity.”  Leonard Hartman wrote the initial draft of the script, but he’s now been moved to an executive producer role as Kurtzman and Orci look for a new writer to tackle the adaptation.

Following the initial book, subsequent entries in the Dragonology series centered on the anatomy of certain dragons, how to summon dragons, and learning the secrets of dragons.  Kurtzman and Orci recently signed a deal with Universal to develop and produce reboots of Van Helsing and The Mummy, and they’re also writing and producing the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.  Hit the jump to read a synopsis for Dragonology.

dragonology-book-coverHere’s a synopsis for Dragonology:

For true believers only, a lavishly illustrated reproduction of a legendary volume by the world’s most distinguished dragonologist. Don’t let it fall into the wrong hands!

Do you believe in dragons? Now, for the first time, the long-lost research of renowned nineteenth century dragonologist Dr. Ernest Drake is presented in all its eccentric glory, happily bridging the gap between dragon legend and fact. The meticulous Dr. Drake assigns Latin names to various dragon species, ruminates on why dragons are able to speak, speculates on how they could fly, and explains the true purpose of their notorious hoarding habits. Here are just a few of DRAGONOLOGY’S fascinating features:

— Novelty item on every spread, including tactile samples of dragon wings, dragon scales, and dragon skin
— Booklet of dragon riddles (indispensable to the burgeoning dragonologist)
— Sealed envelope containing a powerful dragon-calling spell
— Embossed faux leather cover with silver foil, encrusted with three dragon gems

In his afterword, Dr. Drake reveals that one of the crucial goals of dragonologists is to preserve the magnificent creatures of their study wherever possible – a goal this tongue-in-cheek volume most affectionately achieves. An incomparable gift for secret dragonologists everywhere! [Amazon]

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