Drew Goddard Rewrites the Ending of WORLD WAR Z

     July 11, 2012


In the long line of complications accompanying the adaptation of the Max Brooks’ novel, World War Z, yet another writer has come on to hash out the script.  Damon Lindelof was previously reported to be working on the ending of the troubled picture starring Brad Pitt, but it’s now being reported that his Lost co-writer, Drew Goddard, actually did the majority of the writing.  Lindelof apparently dreamed up the possible ending of the film but ran out of time to do the actual scripting.  That chore fell to Goddard, who recently co-wrote Cabin in the Woods with Joss Whedon and also scripted the Robopocalypse adaptation for Steven Spielberg. Hit the jump for more on the fate of World War Z.

Deadline reports that, world-war-zwhile Lindelof was thought to be the main writer for the third act of World War Z, Goddard put most of the ink to paper.  With both of the writers currently moving on to other projects (Goddard may finally get around to that Cloverfield sequel), Paramount may choose to punch up the ending yet again with an additional writer.  Christopher McQuarrie is one name that’s been floated, due to his studio-pleasing adaptation of the Lee Child novel, “One Shot,” which became Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise. However, McQuarrie is working on the Doug Liman-directed All You Need is Kill, which next stars Cruise after he wraps on Oblivion. Then, of course, there’s the Top Gun sequel that’s in the mix for McQuarrie to script.

Whoever finalizes the ending of the film, director Marc Forster will be doing the reshoots, but no date has been set for that as of yet.  While World War Z does seem to have its share of problems (comprehensively reviewed by Matt back in June), there is still a lot of talent involved on both sides of the camera and a fantastic source material to start with.  Keep an eye on this project as it develops.

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