Limited Paper: We’re Kicking off ‘Universal Monsters Week’ by Giving Away Drew Struzan’s CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Poster!

     October 15, 2012


Well, here it is, folks.  After weeks of promising you “our biggest giveaway ever”, after randomly revealing a number of teaser images via Twitter, and—just this past Friday—after dropping a major hint in the form of an entire writeup about the poster we were getting ready to give away, we are finally ready to get this party started:  thanks to a stunningly generous donation (from a guy who may very well love Drew Struzan more than any of us), we’re kicking off Universal Monsters Week @ Limited Paper by giving away one of Drew Struzan’s Creature From The Black Lagoon posters.

Wanna know how you can win the rarest, most valuable, most balls-out-gorgeous poster we’ve ever given away here at Limited Paper HQ?  Of course you do.  Meet me after the jump, folks, and all will be revealed.

If you’ve been following along with the Limited Paper Twitter feed over the past few weeks (or if you’re one of those crazy people that actually reads the final paragraph in every edition of Limited Paper), you know that we’ve spent that period pimping what we claimed would be our “biggest giveaway ever”.  When Limited Paper started revealing bits and pieces of the poster via Twitter (with a little Photoshop-based trickery  applied just to keep things difficult), I was convinced someone would figure it out right off the bat:  after all, far less dedicated people have figured out far more complicated puzzles on the internet.


But despite running 4-5 progressively-more-obvious clues, only one or two readers actually guessed what we were about to give away.  As we were headed into the weekend, Limited Paper ran this article, which served as a primer of sorts for anyone who wasn’t aware this poster even existed (believe it or not, such people are out there), and—once again—I was sure someone would put two and two together.  As it turns out, they did…they just did it via email, politely asking if they’d guessed correctly rather than blowing up our Twitter feed and ruining the surprise for anyone else.

Limited Paper readers:  super-timid or uncommonly polite:  you make the call!


Anyway, this 27×41” Creature From The Black Lagoon poster—created (as we learned on Friday) by Drew Struzan all the way back in 2001—was graciously donated to Limited Paper for the purposes of this giveaway/contest, and we’d like to publicly offer a huge, sincere, still-kinda-dumbfounded-in-the-face-of-such-generosity “Thank You” for that donation (if you end up being the person who wins this poster, feel free to ask me for the name and email address of the person who donated the poster:  you should probably drop them a ‘Thank You’ note once this is all said and done).  Now, without further ado, let’s talk about how you can win this poster:



Limited Paper’s Creature From The Black Lagoon Giveaway

(UPDATED) Rules and Regulations

From October 15th-October 21st, anyone who’s interested in winning Limited Paper’s Creature From The Black Lagoon Giveaway needs to send an email to (NOTE:  If you’re overseas you’re welcome to enter, but you’ll need to pay for shipping if you win;  all our Brit readers can thank a reader by the name of Roo McCoy for that solution). This email should feature a subject line reading “DREW STRUZAN’S CREATURE BELONGS ON MY WALL!”, but beyond that…how you enter this giveaway will be up to you.  In an effort to make things a little more interesting for everyone (See “Addendum” below), there are four different ways for you to enter, all of which will be counted equally:  if you want to go above and beyond the call of duty by drawing your own Creature, go right ahead.  Wanna be a lazy-ass, submit nothing more than an address?  That’ll work, too.  Just be sure your email includes one of the following four completed tasks:

*  Send us an email with your name, age, address, and…uh…that’s it (this is the “Underachiever” option, for sure, but still:  it counts)

  • Design an updated version of the Creature/Gill-Man (must be an original design)
  • Create a logo for Limited Paper, carve that bitch into a pumpkin (must not contain copyrighted material)
  • Send us a photo proving you have a Universal Monster tattoo (pic must also show you holding up a sign that says “What, you don’t trust me, Limited Paper?!” in order for this to count;  otherwise, everyone would be stealing tattoo pics off Google Images)


You’re going to send those emails to, and you’ll need to have ’em in by this coming Sunday (the 21st).  We’ll be picking a winner shortly thereafter (we promise not to make you wait to long for this one).  All of this sound relatively simple and in-no-way-controversial-or-worth-whining-about?  Good, let’s move on to the recently-added “Addendum” section before wrapping this up…

ADDENDUM:  Well, folks, the response to our Creature From The Black Lagoon giveaway has been pretty amazing– the newly-launched email account is being put through its paces, lemme tell ya– and it’s been great to hear from so many people who are excited about the poster itself and their chances of winning.  But there seems to be some confusion about the “Bonus Points” section above, enough so that I think we need to do a bit more tinkering with that idea before applying it to a giveaway (especially one that’s this popular).

For what it’s worth, I was hoping to provide a variety of options (a simple “email to enter” option for those that don’t like putting in work to win prizes; a “create something” option for those that swing that way; a “take a photo of your tattoo option” for the die-hard Uni Monsters freaks), but apparently the “variety” wasn’t as widespread as I believed it to be.  Another mistake:  calling it the “Bonus Points” section– that indicates that people who participate in those activities are getting their entries weighted differently, and– when ya get right down to it– that’s not necessarily going to be the case.  In separating the “Lazy” option from the “Overachiever” options and labeling the divide with a name like “Bonus Points”, a good deal of the confusion here is probably Limited Paper’s fault.

Sorry about that!  I am now combining both sections, leaving all of the options open for anyone that wants to participate (we’ve already received a number of amateur pieces of artwork that kick all kinds of ass) but– and let me be very clear about this– every entry will be weighted equally, regardless of which “task” you choose.  The playing field is completely level, and it should never have seemed otherwise.


Now that that’s handled, let’s all take a moment to remember the following:  we’re giving away a poster here, folks.  For god’s sake, try and have a little fun with it, eh?  And good luck, my friends:  the competition’s fierce on this one.  Once again, you’re going to be sending in all of your entries to, and the deadline for submissions is this coming Sunday the 21st.  That oughtta be plenty of time for everyone to draw their own Creature, steal a pumpkin off their  neighbor’s porch, type out their entire name, age and address (“But my arms are so tired!”), or to photograph your own Universal Monster tattoo.

And, hey, speaking of Universal Monsters:  this post marks the official start of “Universal Monster Week at Limited Paper”:  we’re gonna have a ton of coverage for you this week, all of it building up towards Mondo’s sure-to-be-awesome Uni Monsters gallery show on Friday.  On Wednesday, we’ll be checking out a 3D screening of the original Creature From The Black Lagoon at the Alamo Drafthouse (and letting you know what exclusive Mondo poster went on sale at that screening).  On Thursday, we’ll be compiling photos and interviews from our “Tattooapalooza” event here in Austin (in case you hadn’t heard:  Limited Paper’s teamed up with Shaman Body Mods of Austin for a one-day-only, Universal Monsters-themed event wherein anyone wishing to get a Universal Monster tattoo can get one done for a special discounted rate), and on Friday we’ll be bringing you an exclusive video  walking tour from inside Mondo’s latest show.  As a reminder…


All that, plus we’ll have exclusive interviews with the artists involved in Mondo’s latest show…and one or two other surprises.  Gonna be a busy—but kickass—week here at Limited Paper HQ, so stay tuned.  And remember:  if you’re not already signed up, be sure to head on over to Twitter to follow us via @LimitedPaper for further updates regarding this week’s giveaway (and more updates on Universal Monsters Week), or—if public communication ain’t your thing—feel free to drop us a line directly via

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