Drink Down a Hot Cup of Nite Owl

     February 17, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Did you think that an R-rated intellectual superhero movie was impervious to marketing tie-ins? You’re silly! I already have my Rorschach DC Direct figure sitting on my desk (actually, he’s standing, holding his grappling gun and making a mental note to investigate me later).

But in perhaps one of the odder tie-ins, Organic Coffee Cartel (and really, if you can’t trust a cartel for anything, who can you trust?) will release Veidt Enterprise’s “Nite Owl Dark Roast”. I’m actually a little surprised that there aren’t more coffee tie-ins when it comes to marketing. When you’re a kid, so many movies are tied into Happy Meals and fast food that it makes sense that when those kids grow up, they wouldn’t be bothered to have marketing tied into coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, firearms, pornography, and despair.

This will be a limited run of coffee so order your collector’s edition coffee grounds while you can. It will also enter you into a contest to attend the Los Angeles premiere of “Watchmen” and the after-party on March 3rd.

Check out the full press release below. “Watchmen” hits theatres on March 6th.

NEW YORK— February 16, 2009. “Watchmen” photographer Clay Enos has enlisted his Organic Coffee Cartel (OCC®) www.organiccoffee.com to produce a first-of-its-kind movie tie-in coffee for “Watchmen,” the upcoming film adaption of the celebrated graphic novel. On Tuesday, February 17, OCC will introduce Veidt Enterprise’s “Nite Owl Dark Roast,” a limited-edition confection and collectible designed for fans and organic coffee gourmands alike. A portion of the proceeds from the special roast will be donated to charity.

One side of the uniquely crafted steel can resembles artwork straight out of the “Watchmen” universe; the other side features Enos’ striking black & white portrait of Nite Owl, played in the film by Patrick Wilson. And with just ONE run of cans produced, this is sure to be a distinctive and rare collectible.

“Making an imaginary coffee into something real seemed like a fitting and fun way to honor the multi-layered world of ‘Watchmen.’ And having a majority of profits go to charity seems a little like something Adrian Veidt would do,” says Enos.

Further adding to the excitement, the OCC is sponsoring a contest for one lucky customer to win two tickets to the Los Angeles premiere and after-party for “Watchmen” on March 3rd, 2009. Orders must be placed before February 26th, 2009. Full contest rules here.

“Zack Snyder and the other filmmakers got behind the coffee idea early on and suggested the contest to me. I am so excited by the idea of making someone’s day not just with great coffee but with an opportunity to be a part of the celebration for the highly anticipated film,” says Enos. “It’s a dream in the making.”

“Nite Owl Dark Roast” Coffee is only available online while supplies last through the OCC’s webstore at http://www.organiccoffee.com

ABOUT CLAY ENOS: Clay Enos is a rising star in portrait photography. Whether it’s his Streetstudio project, far-flung adventures, New York nightlife or celebrity portraits of Sting and Green Day, Enos brings many styles and unbridled enthusiasm to his subjects. Enos’ most debut book is entitled Watchmen Portraits. As the official photographer on the set of “Watchmen,” Enos was there at every stage of production as director Zack Snyder filmed the adaptation of the legendary graphic novel.

In addition to his day-to-day duties making a visual record of the production, Enos made time to work on a very special project: a collection of black & white portraits photographs. From the lead characters Rorschach, the Comedian, Dr Manhattan, Nite Owl and all the other Watchmen, to supporting characters and even extras in the crowd, his lens captured them all. With its wealth of exclusive photographs, this stunning book is a unique look into the film world of “Watchmen.”

For additional information about Clay Enos visit ClayEnos.com.

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