Win a Walk-On Role for the Farrelly Brothers’ Sequel, DUMB & DUMBER TO

     August 15, 2013


Want to star in the Farrelly Brothers’ comedy sequel, Dumb & Dumber To?  You’ve got about a month to submit your best recreated scene from Dumb & Dumber in the form of a Vine.  If Peter and Bobby Farrelly pick your creation, then you and a friend will have won yourself a walk-on role in the sequel!

Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey return in the follow-up film, which starts rolling on production mid-September.  Filmmakers are aiming for a summer 2014 release date to capitalize on the original film’s 20th anniversary.  Hit the jump to see how you and a friend could be a part of it.

From the Farrelly Brothers’ Facebook page:

Alright, here are the contest rules for Winning A Walk-On On Dumb & Dumber To!
First, make a Vine re-creating a scene from the original Dumb & Dumber, but put your own spin on it.
Use the hashtag ‪#‎DumbTo‬ so we can see them all. (Yeah yeah, I know what a “hashtag” is…now)
You have until September 15, 2013 to post.
After September 15, Bobby and I will pick the winner. The winner and a friend gets to be a walk-on on the film.
Good luck!

And from their Twitter account:

Farrelly Brothers ‏@farrellybros2h
And yeah, for those who can’t stop, multiple entries are fine.


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