First DUMB AND DUMBER TO Trailer: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels Are Back [Updated with Images]

     June 10, 2014


Universal Pictures has released the first Dumb and Dumber To trailer for directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s comedy sequel.  The follow-up takes place 20 years after the events of the first film, with Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels) setting out on a road trip in order to find the child Harry never knew he had.  As it turns out, that child is a daughter, and that daughter is quite attractive, enough to stir long-dormant feelings of love in Lloyd’s poor dumb heart.  There’s a whole range of comedy on display here, from dumb, to dumber, to downright gross, but it’s exactly what you might expect from the Farrellys. I just wasn’t quite expecting them to go … there.

Dumb and Dumber To also stars Laurie Holden, Kathleen Turner, Rob Riggle, Rachel Melvin, and Steve Tom, and opens November 14th.  Hit the jump to watch the first Dumb and Dumber To trailer. [Update: We’ve also added some new images from the film after the jump.]

Watch the first Dumb and Dumber To trailer below, courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

So, yeah, you’re gonna have to sound off in the comments section for this one.  I’m a big fan of the original film, as I’m sure you are, but maybe this sequel missed its window of opportunity sometime in the last 20 years.  I’ll admit that I laughed quite a few times, but I was also distracted by just how much older Carrey (52) and Daniels (59) look when they’re back in their Harry and Lloyd form.  I’m sure there are plenty more laughs to be found in the film itself than those on display in the trailer, I’m just hoping that the Farrellys aren’t opting to rest on a tired rehash of old jokes that worked in 1994 without any freshening up for today’s jaded audiences.

Here’s the official synopsis for Dumb and Dumber To:

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their signature roles as Lloyd and Harry in the sequel to the smash hit that took the physical comedy and kicked it in the nuts: Dumb and Dumber To.  The original film’s directors, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, take Lloyd and Harry on a road trip to find a child Harry never knew he had and the responsibility neither should ever, ever be given.






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