Duncan Jones Reflects on ‘Moon’ and What He Had Planned for a ‘Warcraft’ Trilogy

     July 16, 2019


It’s been ten years since Duncan Jones burst on the scene with one of the best sci-fi films of the 2000s, Moon. The story follows a human worker on Mars who makes a shocking discovery that throws his entire identity into doubt. It was smart, confident sci-fi with an excellent performance from Sam Rockwell. It holds up wonderfully and now the film has come to 4K.

To mark the release of Moon on 4K, I got to do a phone interview with Jones. During our conversation, we talked about his memories of Moon, the film’s impact, the freedom he had to make Mute for Netflix, what his Warcraft trilogy would have looked like had it gone forward, his upcoming project Rogue Trooper, and more.

Check out the full interview below. Moon is now available on 4K.

moon-4k-box-art-coverWhat’s it feel like to look back at Moon ten years later?

DUNCAN JONES: It’s crazy, that I’ve now made movies for ten years. It’s my first re-watching though. My God now. Now I can actually say that I have a career making movies, because I’ve been taking that long enough that I’m having a 10th anniversary.

When you look back at Moon, is there any particular moment from filming that really jumps out at you? Something that still stands out above everything else.

JONES: I mean, I think the first movie is always going to feel very special. You know, we made the movie and stuff in studio which chose this industrious history and I had put up videos and commercials, before. The fact that we were able to make a success of it and take it to Sundance and actually get the film released. It’s always going to be a unique experience and it’s all good.

With the release of this 4k did you oversee that transfer or is that just something that’s happening on the studio’s end?

JONES: I think the process that will be used, obviously there’s a lot of technical side of it which gets done without me but then I’m able to actually see the final result. Give notes. I made some tweaks to it here and there so I was certainly involved, I think the transfer was beautiful. We shot it on 35 film. Most of the film we were able to sort of transfer and get the get the level of detail we wanted. A lot of visual effects work was done, kind of the post work, but you know, it couldn’t be really done without it.

Is there anything that you know now after having done this, making feature film for 10 years that you know now, that you wish you had known when making Moon?

JONES: I don’t know. We put our body and soul into making that movie. I don’t think I could have put any more of myself into that movie than I did and, I think maybe in some ways the naivety and the innocence of us going into that film is probably one of the only reasons we were able to survive it. I think if we’d known how exhausting it was going to be maybe we would’ve been a little less ambitious.


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