Writer/Director Duncan Jones Talks THE SOURCE CODE and JUDGE DREDD

     July 28, 2010

In a recent, in-depth interview, Moon writer/director Duncan Jones spoke about his upcoming movie The Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal.  In the interview, he speaks about the size of the production and the marketing plan for the movie.  He also spoke about how he almost directed the upcoming re-adaptation of Judge Dredd (which will be directed by Pete Travis and star Karl Urban as Dredd) and what his take on the material would have been.  If you’re a fan of Jones (and you should be if you’ve seen Moon), you’ll want to hit the jump and check out what he had to say.

Speaking to Man Made Movies, Jones talks about how the marketing for unlike Moon, the marketing for Source Code is taking a less-is-more approach:

We showed a lot early, on Moon. People knew more than they should have just by watching the trailer. I think for a small film like Moon, it was probably the right move, but this film is a little bigger, and I think we can afford to hold our cards a little closer to our chest. I feel much more comfortable with that, because it means that when we DO release stuff, we will have had a chance to really work on it, think it through and make sure it really gives everyone a good sense of what we are trying to make. Source Code is very different than Moon… its quite a bit different from a lot of films, to be honest, and Im hoping when we are ready to show people, the patience will pay off.

Jones also talked about managing a much larger production than Moon:

It has been a seismic shift on how I would normally work, but I think I have adjusted ok. It all makes complete sense, when you think about it. With more money, there is more caution, more advice, more suggestion, and over the course of making the film, I had to keep reminding myself that I was asked to direct the film because the people in charge trusted my choices. I think that was the real turning point. At first it was a little over whelming, being second-guessed so much, but I educated myself fast, and fortunately I was supported by the incredibly gracious and talented Jake G, who really got behind me and trusted my instincts. It would have been easy to lose my perspective, with so many others being offered.

As for almost directing Judge Dredd, here’s what he had to say:

I would have loved to do the Judge Dredd movie that is underway. I was in fact sent the script to look at. It’s a great script, and I hope I will not rue the decision of passing on it. Thing was, I had such a strong idea of what I wanted to do with a Dredd movie, I could not bring myself to take it on and not do it my way! … and it’s not like I could do it as a sequel either; my Dredd would have been really weird, and dark and funny, but not your traditional introduction to a hero character. I don’t even know if I could have made my version of the film pitch-able. It was maybe too off the wall.

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