Dwayne Johnson Invites Kid Who “Fights Cancer Like a Boss” to ‘Baywatch’ Set

     March 2, 2016


I love reporting on superhero movie news as much as the next blogger, but what I really love is writing about celebrities who use their status to play real-life heroes. Lots of actors support fantastic causes through raising charitable donations, like Ben AffleckHenry Cavill, and Jesse Eisenberg are doing for Batman v Superman through Omaze. That’s great and all, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson likes to do charity up close and personal.

In between posting pictures of his ridiculous workouts over social media, Johnson made one family’s day. Reaching out to Tater, a young patient battling cancer “like a boss”, Johnson invited them to the Savannah, GA set of Baywatch. The family had been hoping for this outcome thanks to their own social media campaign asking friends to spread the word, and now it seems as if their prayers have been answered.

Take a look at Johnson’s message to Tater below (via Instagram):

And here’s the family’s reaction to the news (via Facebook):

Thank you everyone who shared our posts!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!

Posted by Gabriel Tater Singleton on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Here’s what The Rock is up to when he’s not just being the best:


Image via The Rock


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