Dwayne Johnson Talks GET SMART 2 and SHAZAM!

     January 19, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Dwayne Johnson is a lot of fun but he constantly seems to be getting paired with the wrong material. His fantastic charisma gets drowned out by starring in crap like “Be Cool” or “Southland Tales”. But hopefully that’s turning around and he spoke with our friends at Omelete about what the future holds for the man formerly known as The Rock:

Talking about “Get Smart”: Is Agent 23 (Dwayne’s character in the movie) really dead?

Johnson: [laughs] er… actually… no. If there’s a “Get Smart 2”, there’s a great possibility that Agent 23 would come back.

And talking about another project with Peter Segal, how’s “Shazam!” doing?

Johnson: It’s doing good. We’re just waiting for the draft to come in. I’m not too sure where that is right now. [because] I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with Pete about that in some time in a couple of months. You know, that’s the character that I loved the idea of playing, not necessarily Shazam!, but Black Adam. I was very excited about that. Much like a lot of material in Hollywood, it will go round and round and I’m sure it will find its way back to us. And I’m sure one day if it all fits perfectly, then we’ll do.

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