First Footage from DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT Starring Brandon Routh

     August 3, 2010


The first footage from the long awaited comic book adaptation Dylan Dog: Dead of Night has finally arrived.  It’s part of an Italian news broadcast and you don’t hear any of the dialogue but I know that fans will happily take what they can get.  If you’re wondering why Dylan Dog is being featured on an Italian news show, it’s because the movie is based on an Italian horror comic (and it’s the most widely sold comic in Italy).  Brandon Routh stars as the titular “nightmare investigator”.  We brought you five images from the film back in May 2009 so hopefully this broadcast of some footage is a good sign that some non-Italian-news-piece-looks-at-the-movie will soon be on the way.

Hit the jump to check out the footage.  If you speak Italian, you’ll probably find it more rewarding (although the film itself is in English).

Clip via Quiet Earth:


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