Microsoft Debuts Xbox One X & Trailers for ‘Anthem’ and More at E3 2017

     June 11, 2017


For those who are not entirely into the whole sports gaming thing, the EA Play roster from yesterday was a mixed bag. It’s not like those games aren’t fun but unless you’re particularly fascinated with all the largely unneeded updates they’ve done for the gameplay  – which is deserving respect and admiration up to a point – there isn’t much imagination to glean from the games, let alone trailers for those games. Expectations are high for Anthem and Battlefront 2 (and I guess some people were very interested in A Way Out) but otherwise, sights were set on Microsoft’s big unveiling today.


Image via Mojang

The main course, of course, is our first all-around look at the Xbox One X, the 4k gaming system that Microsoft has been teasing for awhile now. One X’s CPU is something like 30% faster than the one that can currently be found powering any given Xbox One; go ahead and go check yours. The new system will also boast a GPU that is far more powerful than the one inside the Xbox One. There’s also the expected faster hard drive speeds and RAM to help the system easily handle 4k games and all other media habits that can be exercised on an Xbox. The new console will be available to purchase starting on November 7th. You’ll also be able to use all accessories and games from the Xbox One  with the Xbox One X. And then there are quite a few new games coming for the console, including the latest from Forza Motorsport and Assassin’s Creed.

Finally, there was the announcement that several original Xbox games, including Crimson Skies, will be remastered for 4k to play on Xbox One X. You can check out the trailers that premiered during today’s Xbox Briefing with Phil Spencer for E3 2017, including the first full look at the Xbox One X, right below.


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