‘Early Man’: U.S. Trailer Reveals the Surprise Stop-Motion Animated Sports Movie

     December 20, 2017


A new, U.S. trailer and poster for Aardman Animation’s Early Man have arrived. The trailer does the best job yet at laying out the plot elements of the stop-motion animated film … and it’s a little surprising. We’ve glimpsed the conflict between the Stone Age folk and their Bronze Age usurpers in earlier marketing material, but this new trailer is a straight-up clinic when it comes to the plot points. I’ll leave the details for the watching, but basically the fate of the known world comes down to a soccer match between the Dug and his prehistoric pals versus the technologically advanced brutes of Lord Nooth’s Bronze Age civilization. Now while that might be a tougher sell in America than literally anywhere else in the world, Early Man looks like another classic entry in Aardman’s storied history.

Featuring a voice cast including Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams, and Timothy Spall, director Nick Park‘s Early Man arrives Statesdie on February 16, 2018.

Check out the new U.S. trailer and poster for Aardman’s Early Man below:

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

Set at the dawn of time, when dinosaurs and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, EARLY MAN tells the story of how one brave caveman unites his tribe against a mighty enemy and saves the day! Summit Entertainment, StudioCanal, Aardman Animations and The British Film Institute present, an Aardman production.

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Image via Aardman Animation


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