Ed Skrein Talks THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED, DEADPOOL, Plays “Save or Kill”, and More

     July 15, 2015


As most of you are well aware, 20th Century Fox unveiled the first footage from director Tim Miller’s Deadpool at Comic-Con over the weekend, and to say it was a hit would be a massive understatement. In the sizzle reel, Miller and the cast showed fans how this wasn’t going to be a typical Marvel movie. Loaded with bloody violence, expletives, and everything you’d expect to see in a R-Rated Deadpool movie, the footage played so well that when moderator Chris Hardwick wanted to get to the next section of the Fox panel, the entire crowd started chanting “one more time” so they could see the footage again. In all my years of covering Comic-Con, I’ve never seen that happen. It was a very cool moment. (Here’s our recap of the panel).

Shortly before the presentation, I landed an extended video interview with Ed Skrein (he plays Ajax, who helps create Deadpool). During our wide-ranging conversation, he talks about being at Comic-Con, making Deadpool, being a huge comic book fan, the movie Kill Your Friends with Nicholas HoultThe Transporter Refueled, and also plays “Save or Kill.” For all of that and much more, check out the interview below:

Ed Skrein Time Index:

  • [0:00-1:56]: Discusses his general experience at Comic-Con.
  • [1:57-4:56]: Talks about The Transporter Refueled; filming the movie, how it ties into the previous installments, a memorable day on set, and teases the action in the film.
  • [4:57-10:57]: Plays “Save or Kill”.
  • [10:58-14:00]: Shares his experience on making Deadpool, discusses the script and how it stands out among superhero movies.
  • [14:01-18:38]: Discusses what he has seen from Deadpool so far and compares it to Blade Runner, shares some of his inspirations in portraying Ajax and explains who the characters is for those who don’t know him and those who do.
  • [18:39-21:03]: Talks about Kill Your Friends and his experience in the project.
  • [21:04-23:28]: Discusses his relationship with Nicholas Hoult and the X-Men/Deadpool connection, the panels, and talks more about his Comic-Con experience.
  • [23:29-24:17]: Upcoming projects.



Image via 20th Century Fox

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