Brett Ratner Wants Eddie Murphy to Host the Oscars

     September 4, 2011


See, there may be some good to from Brett Ratner’s stewardship over the 2012 Oscars after all.  Ratner and co-producer Don Mischer are scheduled to meet with Tom Sherak after Labor Day to discuss potential hosts.  According to THR, star Eddie Murphy tops the list.  It’s not a done deal, as Humor Mill first suggested yesterday.  But Ratner has a good shot at landing Murphy based on the relationship they built filming Tower Heist, and the move would be great for both Murphy and the Oscars.  The Academy gets one of the world’s most dynamic movie stars, who launched his career on the live stage.  Murphy gets the welcome career boost in a year where the only expectation is to be more energetic than James Franco was.  More after the jump:

Of course, Murphy’s last interaction with the Academy could make both sides skittish.  Murphy was the favorite to win Best Supporting Actor in 2007 for his role in Dreamgirls, but lost to Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine.  As the legend goes, Academy voters had trouble voting for the actor they saw in a fat suit in all the Norbit billboards on the drive over.  Murphy’s A Thousand Words opens on January 13, 2012 after years of sitting on the shelf, which doesn’t bode well for much more critical success than Norbit.  More importantly, can Murphy forgive the slight?

Billy Crystal is also under consideration—this would be his ninth time hosting the ceremony.  Even if Murphy or someone else gets the job, the Academy would like to include Crystal in some portion of the broadcast, similar to his tribute to frequent Oscar host Bob Hope at the 2011 Oscars.

Crystal has proven himself as a fine choice, but now that Murphy’s name is out there, I want Murphy, and I will settle for nothing less.  Maybe I’m missing something, but Murphy—even in this dull latter stage of his career—is the perfect Oscar host, right?

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