Edgar Wright Shares ‘Baby Driver’ Oscar Premonition

     January 24, 2018


Edgar Wright has revealed himself as a soothsayer today, after sharing an Instagram post of his second draft of the movie Baby Driver. In it, he makes specific mention of the movie being nominated in a sound category for the Academy Awards. “I don’t mind which,” he added. That draft was written in 2014, when Wright was eyeing a 2016 release, so it’s not exact. Plus, beyond Wright’s expectations, Baby Driver was nominated in two sound categories: Sound Editing (Julian Slater) and Sound Mixing (Julian Slater, Tim Cavagin, and Mary H. Ellis), not to mention Editing (Paul Machliss and Jonathan Amos). Well done!

If you’ve seen the movie, then you know that (as Wright noted in the script draft, which you can see below), music is integral to Baby Driver. It is designed as a “full audio visual experience,” and the way the action is so purposefully set to the soundtrack allows it to (sorry) drive the visual aspect really beautifully. It’s rare that a movie so wonderfully embraces sound in that way, which is a shame, because when it works it’s fantastic.

I still maintain a pet theory that, while I do really enjoy Baby Driver (as an ATLien, I mean, how could I not love the rep?), the one thing that I think would really have made it perfection for me is if Baby had been black. I think it just makes the movie come together in such a different way than with Baby being white. Just think about it! But in any case, what we can all agree on (maybe?) is that Jon Hamm’s look in that movie is of national importance, and frankly, there’s not enough conversation about it happening at all times.

Check out Wright’s Instagram post below (not 100% sure of the functionality of multiple pages when it’s embedded, you may have to go to the source for that):

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