Edgar Wright’s Next Film ‘Grasshopper Jungle’ in Final Negotiations to Land at New Regency

     April 12, 2017


It’s felt like an awfully long wait for the next Edgar Wright film since great Ant-Man SNAFU of 2014, but fortunately, that wait is almost over with Baby Driver riding high on glowing festival reviews into a fresh new June 28 release date. Should the universe chose to be kind in these dark and trying times, it seems we might not have a very long wait before we know what he’s doing next.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Wright is gearing up to direct an adaptation of Andrew Smith‘s insane sounding novel Grasshopper Jungle for his next film and New Regency is final negotiations to pick up the project. This lines up with what we heard way back in 2014, when Wright was just gearing up to film Baby Driver. New Regency reportedly won the rights in a bidding war that included Netflix among other contenders. Grasshopper Jungle would team Wright with the creatives behind the upcoming Venom and Jumanji movies, screenwriter Scott Rosenberg and Matt Tolmach, who will produce alongside Wright’s producing partner Nira Park. The project was previously set up at Sony.

grasshopper-jungleThe book follows a teenage boy dealing with sexual confusion who accidentally unleashes an apocalyptic genetically engineered plague on the world that brings about… wait for it … six-foot-tall praying mantises who fuck. I didn’t make that up. I wish I came up with that, but I didn’t. Here is the full bonkers plot synopsis for the book so you can get your hype levels up to mine:

Simmering within Ealing, Iowa, is a deadly genetically engineered plague capable of unleashing unstoppable soldiers—six-foot-tall praying mantises with insatiable appetites for food and sex. No one knows it, of course, until Austin and his best friend Robby accidentally release it on the world. An ever-growing plague of giant, flesh-hungry insects is bad enough, but Austin is also up to his eyeballs in sexual confusion—is he in love with Robby or his girlfriend, Shann? Both of them make him horny, but most things do. In an admittedly futile attempt to capture the truth of his history, painfully honest Austin narrates the events of the apocalypse intermingled with a detailed account of the “connections that spiderweb through time and place,” leading from his great-great-great-grandfather Andrzej in Poland to Shann’s lucky discovery of an apocalypse-proof bunker in her new backyard.

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