Edgar Wright Talks THE WORLD’S END, the Possibility of Making a STAR WARS Film, ANT-MAN, and More at London’s MCM Comic-Con 2013

     May 27, 2013


The guest of honor at this weekend’s MCM London Comic-Con was filmmaker Edgar Wright, in town to talk about his new film The World’s End. Closing off his unofficial ‘Blood and Ice Cream’ trilogy that began with Shaun of the Dead and continued with Hot Fuzz, The World’s End tells the story of a group of friends determined to recreate a failed pub crawl from their teenage years. Of course, there is more to the adventure than meets the eye, as the locals are just a little unfriendly, leading the heroes on a rather more dangerous quest than they expected.

With nothing new available, we were shown the trailer before Wright took to the stage to answer questions from the packed-out crowd at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre. There may not have been anything too illuminating to share, but the panel certainly set the scene for the film, released August 23rd.  Hit the jump for the highlights.

worlds-end-edgar-wright-set-photoHighlights from Edgar Wright’s panel at MCM London Comic-Con are as follows:

  • Wright wouldn’t want to bring Spaced back, as he feels you don’t want to see those characters beyond the age they were in the original series.
  • Any involvement in the new Star Wars projects is highly unlikely, since Wright admits he was perhaps too vicious about the prequel trilogy in Spaced.
  • He loves working with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, although The World’s End is the end of a trilogy in his eyes. Any future collaboration will be in a different vein.
  • The switching of funny/straight man roles for Frost and Pegg in this film was a chance to let Pegg be the ‘wild man’ after playing an everyman and pure straight man in the previous two films.
  • Paddy Considine packs a mean punch, as was discovered during the fight choreography for The World’s End. The film makes good use of this.
  • Wright wrote a script when he was 21 called Crawl, about a group of friends attempting a pub crawl. Inspired by a similar attempted venture by Wright at 16, elements of this script are present in The World’s End.
  • The script plays on the idea of feeling more and more invincible the drunker you get. This seems to be a big part of the structure of the film as the heroes move towards their goal of the final pub.
  • Asked what Wright could tell us about Ant Man, the answer was a succinct but disappointing “Very little”, as the project remains shrouded in secrecy.


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