WHEELS ON WHEELS Mashup by Young Edgar Wright

     April 8, 2011


Earlier this week, director Edgar Wright showed an impressive montage of gun violence in movies in a mashup he made when he was nineteen.  He promised that he had another mashup on the way and today he has delivered.  “Wheels on Wheels” is the same premise except this time it’s all about cars and the tune is The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”.  Wright has also said that the “first one to guess them all [of the clips] in order, including close ups, I will send a little prize.”  So hit the jump to start watching and guessing.

Per Wright’s request to include his entire blog post along with his mashup, here’s what he had to say on “Wheels on Wheels”:

So as promised, here’s my 2nd mash up that I edited on VHS at the tender age of 19.

As with ‘Gun Fetish’ it’s a movie montage set to The Beatles (I sure did love The White Album at the time), but this time detailing vehicular mayhem.

But it was edited the same way, locked in the tiny VHS suite at Bournemouth & Poole College Of Art & Design over a long weekend, subsisting only on vending machine coffee and Snicker bars (20p at the time as I recall).

The VHS tapes were mostly ones I have recorded off the TV, ones I had borrowed from the college library and what few retail titles I had. Indeed the shocking quality of the Kubrick clip is because this was back when that particular movie was banned on VHS. That is from a Dutch release. Those were the days.

Now, you’ll see a fair amount of overlap from the last montage, obviously, but also quite a few new and some fairly obscure clips. Again, I leave it up to you to tell me what. And I will send a little prize for the person who gets them all correct. And a couple of them might stump you.

I’d also say I didn’t have access to some of the key pre 1993 car films at the time, indeed some of the best car chases in cinema I’d yet to see. One I had seen, but could not source the tape at the time (with my limited supply of material and a student bank account deeply in the red) was 1968′s ‘Bullitt’.

Yes, that’s right ‘Bullitt’ is not present. Any commenting ‘No Bullitt? FAIL’ or complaining that the split track audio or video are not perfect, can go fuck themselves. Or send a handwritten note back to the 19 year old me in Bournemouth, Doc Brown style.

Think of this as an exercise in the early 90′s in cutting together car chases without “Bullitt”. I basically made these for myself and to figure out how to edit.

This one is also not completely safe for work and has some spoilers again.

So don’t say you weren’t warned! I ask anyone linking this clip to include the context of the piece and these caveats!

Enough of my yakking, let’s hit the road!

Again, a couple of things. Before any of you comment “Where’s —– or ——”, bear in mind that the 19 year old me had a limited supply of tapes at the time. I was young, I was broke. There was no internet.

As stated above, no list of clips, as I thought you guys could guess them all. First one to guess them all in order, including close ups, I will send a little prize.

Apologies to any rights holders, I was young and foolish, I didn’t know what I was doing. Please don’t arrest me, I will take it down and step away from the keyboard if necessary.

And that’s it. There is no more.

P.S. To restate, I’m going to enable embedding of the video – but if you do re-blog it, would you mind quoting my blog text too, context is very much king! – Thanks Edgar


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