Listen: Edgar Wright Picks His Top 50 Movie Soundtrack Moments

     February 16, 2018


Writer and Director Edgar Wright likes lists. He’s done his 1000 favorite films of all-time, as well as his top 100 horror movies. But Wright, renaissance man that he is, is exceptionally well-versed in the musical realm as well (as evidenced in all of his movies, but perhaps most acutely in Baby Driver). So now, he has teamed up with Spotify Showstopper to create a list of his top 50 movie soundtrack moments (Why limit yourself to a Top 10 when there are so many good choices out there?)

The movie origins of some of the picks in the list are giveaways just based on track titles, like Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” from Superfly or the main titles from Dirty Henry, but others like The Crusaders’ “Street Life” or Harry Nilsson’s “Jump Into the Fire” may be harder to place. Bonus points to those who can!

You can listen to the playlist below, and let us know if Wright hit upon any of your personal favorites, or if the list reminded you of any favorite songs from the past you’d forgotten about. And of course, what are some of your greatest movie soundtrack moments, or favorite overall soundtracks? (Let’s open it up to TV shows as well, as there are some really dreamy soundtracks out there).


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