R.I.P. Edward Herrmann; Star of REDS, GILMORE GIRLS, and THE LOST BOYS Dead at 71

     December 31, 2014


Some sad news to report today as it appears that veteran character actor Edward Herrmann has passed away at the age of 71 after battling brain cancer.  Herrmann played Richard Gilmore throughout all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and also appeared in such comedy classics as Overboard and Woody Allen‘s 1985 film The Purple Rose of Cairo.   He also played Max Eastman in Warren Beatty‘s landmark 1981 film Reds.

Personally, I’ll always remember Herrmann as Max, the paternal villain in Joel Schumacher‘s 1987 blockbuster, The Lost Boys.  That movie was such a huge part of my youth and, looking back at it even now, Herrmann did a fantastic job of balancing tones as Dianne Wiest‘s potential suitor and the undercover leader of the teenage vampire gang haunting the streets of Santa Carla.  His last role came in this year’s horror remake The Town That Dreaded Sundown.  He is survived by three children.  Hit the jump for one of his more famous scenes from The Lost Boys.  


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