Election 2016: The Movie – We Cast the Major Roles

     October 20, 2016

presidential-election-2016-sliceLike most of America, you are probably counting the days until the 2016 Presidential Election is over and, frankly, we can’t blame you. When the cast of Veep says they are worried they can’t top this sort of bizarre, never-ending storyline you know it’s something out of the ordinary. That’s why – and we hate to break this to you – it’s gonna be quite awhile until the nation gets this out of its system. It’s also one reason you can expect a filmed movie or mini-series to hit the big or small screen about this Shakespearean tale sooner rather than later.

Other editorial outlets have tackled the idea of an 2016 election movie and no disrespect to those imaginative casting directors but we’ve decided to tackle our suggestions a bit differently.

Most importantly, we’re giving you first, second and third choices for each role because you can probably count the number of studio movies that locked the initial picks for each role on two hands. There are also a number of tertiary players while fun to cast in a Saturday Night Live skit aren’t necessarily needed beyond a scene or two for a larger film or miniseries. That’s one reason why you won’t see Jeb Bush, Eric Trump or Donald Trump, Jr. on this list. There are also people who became public figures with varying degrees of impact on the campaign such as Khizr and Ghazala Khan or Ken Bone that are likely better served in archival footage (the same can be said for a number of newscasters as well).

Keeping that in mind, here is our dream cast for the inevitable movie or mini-series about the 2016 Presidential Election. And no matter what your party affiliation there’s one thing we can all agree on: let’s hope someone other than Oliver Stone directs this baby.

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