Eli Roth Prepares for Upcoming Films Including Exorcism Flick COTTON and Sci-Fi Movie ENDANGERED SPEICIES

     October 5, 2009


America’s horror hopeful Eli Roth is recharging from his “Inglorious Basterds” publicity trip, and is going back to the area most comfortable for him and his fans: behind the camera.  Roth is starting the push for director Daniel Stamm’s exorcism flick “Cotton” which Roth produced, as well as put the finishing touches on “Endangered Species” which is Roth’s first foray into science-fiction.  More of what the future holds for Mr. Roth after the jump.

While “Cotton” is wrapped and ready to present to Sundance for next year’s submission, Roth is simultaneously putting his final imprints on “Species” and continuing to pen “Thanksgiving” – the full-length feature that audiences first got a glimpse of on the theatrical release of the Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino vehicle “Grindhouse”, which “Thanksgiving” appeared as in the form of a fake trailer between the running of Rodriguez’s and Tarantino’s films.  Funny enough, Rodriguez’s own fake trailer “Machete” which opened “Grindhouse” is also set for a feature.

If “Thanksgiving” and “Machete” turn out to be a success I wouldn’t be surprised to see Edgar Wright get cracking on a full-length feature of the faux trailer he provided – titled “Don’t”.  Maybe not “surprise” so much as “hope”.  As for Roth, we can expect at least these next two projects, and hopefully at some point in the future we can possibly see him explore the film project that he toyed with after his experience on “Grindhouse” where he wanted to attempt a feature-length collection of short horror skits, and fake trailers that he described as sort of a horror version of “Kentucky Fried Movie”.   Probably not, but again, hope.



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