‘The Trust’: Elijah Wood on His Cherished Collaboration with Nicolas Cage

     March 24, 2016


I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Elijah Wood a number of times over the years and whenever another opportunity to chat comes up, I’m always eager to take it because he’s so passionate about what he does and always has so many unique projects in the works. This year he brought two films to SXSW, one he produced called The Greasy Strangler, and one he stars in called The Trust. Sadly I missed out on Greasy Strangler due to scheduling conflicts, but I did catch The Trust which features Wood opposite Nicolas Cage as Las Vegas cops hoping to get rich quick by stealing some cash connected to a recent drug bust.

During our interview in Austin, Wood discussed how he got involved in The Trust, his experience working with Cage for the first time, what’s new over at SpectreVision, he told me about his visit to the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and played a little “Would You Rather” as well. You can catch it all in the video interview below, and click here to browse more SXSW 2016 content.

Elijah Wood:

  • 00:04 – Discussing Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • 00:51 – Wood on his visit to the set of The Force Awakens.
  • 02:21 – How Wood picks projects and manages his very busy schedule.
  • 03:27 – What’s doing at his company SpectreVision; their new deal with MarVista.
  • 04:21 – How he got involved in The Trust.
  • 05:38 – Working with Nicolas Cage for the first time; Cage’s big performance.
  • 07:35 – Play bumbling yet capable crooks.
  • 08:12 – Does Wood really know how to work the drill and pick locks?
  • 09:19 – The size of the crew and length of the shoot.
  • 10:00 – Wood and Cage’s interest in supporting new filmmakers.
  • 10:48 – Alex and Ben Brewer’s background; how they work together on set.
  • 11:54 – Wood plays “Would You Rather.”

Image via SXSW


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