October 26, 2011


The domestic trailer for Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is now online.  The movie premiered in Brazil last October and became the nation’s highest-grossing film of all time.  Director José Padilha has been touring the festival circuit with the Elite Squad sequel throughout the year to a positive reception (check out our Fantastic Fest review here), which led him to a plum gig directing the Robocop remake.  And as of this writing, The Enemy Within is rated #242 on the IMDB Top 250.  With those expectations set before it, Elite Squad 2 will finally get a theatrical release in the U.S. on November 11.

Wagner Moura, Irandhir Santos, André Ramiro, Maria Ribero, and Seu Jorge star in the thriller about a police captain who takes on the gangs of Rio de Janeiro and corrupt politicians: “Although his methods are violent, he’s very good at his job.”  Watch the spastic (yet well-cut) trailer after the jump.

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Official synopsis:

The sprawling favelas that surround Rio de Janeiro are some of the most dangerous places in the world… and it’s Captain Nascimento’s job to take down the gangs that run them. Although his methods are violent, he’s very good at his job. When he’s promoted to a powerful government position, he thinks he’ll finally be able to finish the job- but instead finds out that he’s only made things easier for the dirty cops and corrupt politicians that are truly running the show. From the director of BUS 174 and the Oscar-nominated writer of CITY OF GOD, ELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN will not only thrill you in the theater, but have you thinking after you leave.


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