Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, and Sean Tillmann to Write and Produce HBO Comedy STITCH N’ BITCH

     October 7, 2009

Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, and Sean Tillmann.jpg

Ellen Page is only 22 years old and she already has an Oscar nomination,  a hit movie, and now THR is reporting that she’ll be writing and producing a comedy on HBO with “Whip It” co-stars Alia Shawkat (20 years old) and Sean Tillmann (31 years old).  Tillmann I get although his success is mainly in the musical arena where he’s better known as “Har Mar Superstar” but think back to what you were doing when you were 20 or 22 years old and then just let that life shame wash over you.  While you’re in the middle of your shame-washing, hit the jump to find out the details about the show.

The single-camera comedy they’re planning is called “Stitch N’ Bitch” about “two painfully cool hipster girls as they relocate from Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood to Los Angeles’ Silver Lake enclave in hopes of becoming artists — of any kind.”  I’m interested in this project but I’d like to know a little more beyond the logline.  As for the casting, my first thought was, “Page and Shawkat are writing the characters they’ll play” but THR says that’s a possibility, it’s a decision that will be made at a later date.  As of right now, Page is still in the middle of filming for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”, Shawkat recently wrapped on the rock biopic “The Runaways”, and Har Mar Superstar’s fourth album hits stores next Tuesday.  I find all of that very impressive especially since my biggest accomplishment today was almost remembering to pick up my dry cleaning.