New ‘Elseworlds’ Image Sees John Wesley Shipp Getting in on the Arrowverse Crossover Madness

     October 22, 2018

elseworlds-image-john-wesley-shipp-sliceWhat in the absolute heck is going on over there in The CW’s Arrowverse as the small-screen DC series head toward their massive crossover, “Elseworlds”? We already knew Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) will be rocking a black suit, while Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin are set to swap costumes at some point. Now, a new set photo courtesy of Amell revealed that John Wesley Shipp—who not only plays both Henry Allen and Jay Garrick on The Flash but originally portrayed Barry Allen on CBS’ 1990 speedster series—is getting in on this topsy-turvy madness. In the image, Shipp is decked out in his old CBS suit while Amell dons the CW suit and Gustin borrows the hooded archer outfit from Arrow. Melissa Benoist‘s Supergirl is also there, wearing her own damn clothes thank you very much.

Not a ton has been revealed about the “Elseworlds” plot outside all that wardrobe swapping. Ruby Rose will make her debut as Batwoman as The CW makes its first trip to Gotham City, as will intrepid Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) and famously frosty wife of Mr. Freeze, Nora Fries (Cassandra Jean Amell). Outside of that, I fully support this hype-building strategy of just letting Stephen Amell release behind-the-scenes photos that make very little sense.

Check out the image below. ‘Elseworlds’ takes place over three nights on December 9-11.

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