“Elseworlds” Crossover Teaser Trailer Shows Oliver Queen’s Life as The Flash

     November 13, 2018

elseworlds-image-john-wesley-shippNo matter what else is happening within the Arrowverse, or with its heroes, the crossovers are a time for fun. It’s not maybe fun for the writers and actors, who are all working major OT to get the logistics squared away and filmed within a regular part of their seasons, but it’s certainly fun for viewers to see our favorites interacting in new and unexpected ways. Crossovers are always ambitious, particularly last year’s which combined four series, but they’re also a good time to just let loose and play with the shows’ formats, finding a way to balance all of their different tones.

This year, the crossover “Elseworlds” is only among three series — Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash — which hopefully means it will be able to focus more on character moments and not be so totally manic (although I am looking forward to what Legends of Tomorrow is doing that week, where it is crossing over with itself). However, it will also be introducing Batwoman, Gotham City, and giving time to Superman and Lois Lane so … yeah, it’s still going to be pretty insane.

However, the first teaser for the crossover gives a look at how the crossover will also be balancing plenty of humor and in-world weirdness. Oliver Queen is not just The Flash now, in this new reality, but literally Barry Allen; which means he’s married to Iris. Get ready for the shippers to implode in 3 … 2 … 1…

Check out the new teaser below; “Elseworlds” will air over three consecutive nights starting Sunday, December 9th.

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