New ‘Elseworlds’ Trailer Reveals a Brooding Batwoman and Superman’s Black Suit In Action

     November 26, 2018

elseworlds-trailer-superman-sliceThe CW has released yet another official promo for Elseworlds—the three-night crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl—and by Grodd there’s a whole lot of shenanigans happening over there in the Arrowverse. “Everyone on Earth thinks we’re each other,” Stephen Amell‘s Oliver Queen says to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), a storyline teased in the crossover’s costume-swapping posters. One of the highlights of the trailer is confirmation that Oliver’s grumpy ass squeezed into the most comic book-looking Flash costume possible remains incredibly funny.

The trailer also includes our first look at Lost alum Jeremy Davies as the villainous Arkham Asylum employee Doctor John Deegan, who is offered “godhood” by The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett). How this all leads to the introduction of DC’s best-named villain, Psycho-Pirate, remains to be seen.

We also get a glimpse of Tyler Hoechlin‘s Superman wearing his black suit, an alt-costume usually reserved for when Clark Kent is less interested in truth and justice and more focused on kicking asses while rocking a mullet. Also decked out in darkness is Ruby Rose‘s Batwoman—who will be introduced for the first time in Elseworlds before swinging into her own standalone CW series—standing atop a Gothic spire and brooding, as is Gotham City tradition.

Check out the trailer below. Elseworlds kicks off its three-night event with The Flash on Sunday, December 9th, followed by Arrow on December 10th and Supergirl on December 11th.

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