Emily Blunt’s 10 Best Film Performances, Ranked

     October 6, 2016

edge-of-tomorrow-emily-blunt-sliceTruth be told, I’m not sure we quite deserve Emily Blunt. The British actress, who most American audiences met as the motor-mouthed, misanthropic assistant to Meryl Streep’s now-iconic Miranda Priestly in 2006, has quickly become a big box office name, who seems to be one of the few modern day come ups to still feel like a bona fide “movie star” thanks to her unique brand of self-deprecating charm undercut with impressive elegance. Oscillating quite easily between comedy (managing to charm even in lesser vehicles like The Five Year Engagement), drama and, most recently, action, she’s an increasingly rare triple threat, and one Hollywood seems to finally be sitting up and taking notice of.

Following her breathtaking performance in Sicario, Blunt takes on another daring vehicle, the seductive and occasionally silly The Girl on the Train, a film that despite some middling reviews, contains some powerhouse delivery (and grade-A drunk acting) from the star. Set to take on the one and only Mary Poppins (in Mary Poppins Returns) for Rob Marshall next year, it seems increasingly likely that Blunt is on her way to becoming a giant in her own right, taking on roles more varied and interesting than the last. A quick note: this is a ranking of Emily Blunt’s performances, not films. (It pained me to leave out Sunshine Cleaning, too.)

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