Emma Bell, Nicholas D’Agosto and Tony Todd Interview FINAL DESTINATION 5

     August 11, 2011

Emma Bell, Nicholas D’Agosto, Tony Todd FINAL DESTINATION 5 slice interview

Hitting theaters this Friday is Final Destination 5, a disgusting and uproarious pitch black comedy featuring eye-popping 3D, literally.  I know what you’re thinking, but this movie is really something special. It has an above par cast, a script that smartly skips over the elements fans already know in favor of new angles and way, way above the call of duty direction courtesy of James Cameron protégé and co-director of Aliens of the Deep, Steven Quale.  It’s honestly one of maybe three movies I have ever seen that is worthy of the 3D surcharge.

Last weekend I sat down with the film’s main protagonist, Nicholas D’Agosto, his love interest Emma Bell and franchise mainstay Tony Todd to discuss the film.  During our conversation Todd revealed a bit about the back story of his mysterious Coroner, Mr. Bludworth, Bell and D’Agosto described their history with the franchise and tell us which deaths would be the most horrible to suffer.  Hit the jump to watch.

Emma Bell, Nicholas D’Agosto and Tony Todd

  • Were D’Agosto and Bell fans of the franchise
  • Where did Todd’s character come from and does he have a backstory
  • The death scenes – which are the scariest


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