Emma Roberts and Shareeka Epps Exclusive Video Interview – THE WINNING SEASON

     March 1, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Yes this interview with Emma Roberts and Shareeka Epps is late. While I would have loved to have posted all my Sundance interviews the week I was there, I conducted over 7 hours of interviews while at this year’s Festival and it’s been a lot harder to get them all online than I expected. But the final tape has been loaded into the computer and within the next few days I really will be done. So now that you know the reason for the delay, let’s get to why you’re here.

Posted below is my exclusive video interview with two of the stars of writer/director James C. Strouse’s (“Grace is Gone”) next movie “The Winning Season”.

In case you didn’t know, the movie was only finished last November and it was the final film Sundance accepted into the festival. Even more unusual, it was one of the first films sold as Lionsgate picked it up and it’ll get released later this year.

For those unfamiliar with the movie…Sam Rockwell stars as an adult misfit who is brought on to coach the local girl’s high school basketball team. The film co-stars Emma Roberts (“Nancy Drew”) as Abby, and also stars Rob Corddry, Shareeka Epps, and Emily Rios. While I never got to see the movie, friends who did said very positive things. That’s probably why Lionsgate picked it up….

Anyway, during my time with Emma and Shareeka we talked about making the movie and a lot more. Finally, look for my interviews with Sam Rockwell, James C. Strouse and Rob Corddry tomorrow.

Emma Roberts and Shareeka Epps

  • What does being in Sundance mean to them. Also, Emma says they had just finished the movie

  • What was the shooting process like and what are some of their favorite memories – Emma tells a pretty funny story

  • Since so many of you haven’t seen the movie, I ask them both to talk about their characters in the movie

  • Did they get to improv at all or did they have to stick to the script

  • Working with Sam Rockwell talk

  • Did they play Rock Band or Guitar Hero while filming

  • What was it like filming in New York

  • They talk about what they have coming up

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