Emma Roberts, Chris Messina, and Ari Graynor Join CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER

     May 21, 2011


Emma Roberts, Chris Messina, and Ari Graynor have joined the cast of the indie dramedy Celeste and Jesse Forever.  Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg star as “a young divorcing couple who try to maintain their long-standing friendship while living together and pursuing other relationships.”  According to Variety, Roberts plays a young starlet who hires Celeste to revamp her image when her career struggles.  Messina is a financial analyst who helps Celeste get over Jesse.  Graynor will play Celeste’s best friend who has trouble supporting her relationship with Jesse.

Lee Toland Krieger (The Vicious Kind ) will direct from a script Jones co-wrote with fellow actor Will McCormack.  After a prolonged development, the casting of Samberg in March advanced the process.  Filming should begin before Samberg shoots I Hate You Dad later this summer.  More after the break:

rashida-jones-Jones elaborated on the story in the initial report:

“Our movie is about two people who love each other a ton but they don’t know what to do with that love, and how do you let that person go. It’s very different from: ‘I like having sex with this person because I’m so modern but then, ooh, maybe I like them.’ I’m less interested in that story. It’s the version of When Harry Met Sally 20 years later, or Blue Valentine. It’s really about how you break up with someone.”

As a co-writer, Jones explained the motivation behind her first produced screenplay:

“It’s hard to find female leads that are flawed and interesting and dynamic. We wanted to write something that was in the vein of Judd Apatow — you talk like you actually talk with your friends — but with ladies. I want to do that and not just be someone’s girlfriend or wife. I want to be the one to go on the journey.”

I am very much a part of the choir to whom Jones is preaching, and the cast is shaping up really nicely.  (Although I was taken aback by Roberts’ character description.  Without more context, it seems out of place — from a different movie.)  Looking forward to Forever.

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