2015 Emmy Predictions: Who Will Win, Who Should Win, Plus Possible Upsets

     September 18, 2015


The Emmy Awards are the most difficult awards to pick winners for, mostly because they are built to be repetitive, and yet, some part of the human spirit refuses to accept that. Surely this year will be different! This year that person will get their due!

Well, for once that might be right, because this year is changing things up a little bit. Essentially, the members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences are made up of industry folks whose networks have paid for their memberships, and they nominate people from their categories (writers for writers, actors for actors, and so forth). The top six are then turned into the nominees, and the winners are chosen by volunteers within the membership who (on their own time and on the honor system!) are supposed to give each a fair shot. Did I mention the entries are also paid for? And that entities who pay for the most members tend to get the most awards? (Because you are allowed to vote for yourself / your projects). That’s how you get bizarre things like Jeff Daniels‘ win for The Newsroom


Image via the Television Academy

The twist this year is that now everyone will be able to vote for every category (not just Best Drama and Best Comedy). That may mix things up with the winners a little more than usual. Someone like Jon Hamm may finally win that Best Actor award for Mad Men because, in general, voters feel like he should have his due (and, frankly, he probably should).

The good news is, this potentially increased uncertainty might spice up this year’s ceremony quite a bit. But, the bad news for gamblers is this year’s prognostications might be more difficult than ever when it comes to accuracy. Still, we’re giving it our best shot, and below you’ll find our explanations for who we think will win, who should win, and our dark horse upsets, with contributions from myself, our awards circuit guru Adam Chitwood, and TV writer Chris Cabin. Also, check back on Collider Sunday night at 8 p.m. for my Emmy Live Blog, which will have an up-to-date list of winners.