2017 Emmy Predictions: Who Should Win, Who Will Win, and Possible Upsets

     September 13, 2017


Last year, the Emmys started to become much harder to predict, which is ultimately a good thing. It was, and continues to be, the result of a higher calibre of nominees, with better series being represented across the board. There were still snubs, of course, as there are again this year. But the Emmys are starting to better catch up with Peak TV, and rewarding — for the most part — actors, series, writers, and directors who are involved with some of the year’s best shows. Imagine that!

While the drama categories were once those which held the most anticipation, I would say that this year the more interesting categories might be regarding Limited Series, especially when it comes to the acting awards. There are not only some big names but great performances being pitted again one another. It’s a rare case where “who should win?” could have almost any answer (but there are more than a few instances of that being true in Comedy and Drama as well).

As a strong crop of newcomers make a play for dominance, and with movie stars in the mix, things might be even more difficult than usual to guesstimate. But I’ll give it my best shot! Below are my predictions for who should win, with less certainty given to who will, and who might provide an upset. Let us know your picks, sure-fire bets, and potential dark horses in the comments!

The Emmy Awards will air Sunday, September 17th on CBS with Stephen Colbert hosting.