2019 Emmy Predictions: Who Should Win, Who Will Win, and Possible Upsets

     September 20, 2019


The Discourse will be mighty interesting when the 2019 Emmy Awards are all said and done. Like the best twisty TV, we’re looking at a night that could go down several different roads, depending on whether voters are feeling nostalgic or revolutionary. On one hand, you’ve got two HBO titans, Game of Thrones and Veep, repping their respective categories in their final seasons. Veep‘s swan song was relatively critically acclaimed, but—and I don’t know if you heard about this—Game of Thrones season 8 was kind’ve divisive. A few people had qualms. Some qualms were most definitely had. But the Emmys love a goodbye story, and both longtime award magnets are primed for a big night, whether they told the best story or not.

However, this year is also chock-full of wonderful fresh faces and possible upsets. Could masterpieces like Fleabag, Barry, and Russian Doll upset the comedy balance? Is Billy Porter Pose‘d for a big Drama win? Will your parents ever stop telling you to watch The Kominsky Method? Some of these questions—and so many more!—will be answered when the 71st Emmy Awards air on Sunday, September 22. Below, we run down every major category with predictions for who will win, who should win, and who might pull off the major upset.