Ahmet Zappa and Michael Wilson’s Adventure Script Inspired by Disneyland’s ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM

     November 8, 2010


Ahmet Zappa and writing partner Michael Wilson are said to be inspired by Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room for their action-adventure script with a Polynesian backdrop.  Of course, a Disney spokesperson told Vulture that the project is not a direct adaptation of the attraction; it simply shares an interest in Polynesian mythology.

But the synergistic possibilities are undeniable, and Disney has been understandably encouraged by the ride-to-film success of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  The studio announced at Comic-Con that Guillermo del Toro would spearhead a reboot based on The Haunted Mansion.

Hit the jump for a bit of background on the Tiki Room and a video of the animatronic musical within.

walt_disney_enchanted_tiki_room_posterHere’s the Disneyland pitch for the Enchanted Tiki Room:

Enchanted Tiki Room is a 15-minute celebration of island romance and wonder performed by a flock of talking birds and their fantastic floral friends. The magical theater-in-the-round hosts a South Seas musical revue that will leave you humming with joy.

The Birds

Enjoy delightful songs performed by a chorus led by 4 colorful macaws named Jose, Michael, Pierre and Fritz. Listen as they are joined in song by a total of 225 animated performers — including assorted toucans, parrots, showgirl cockatoos, crooning flowers, drumming Tiki statues and chanting wooden masks.

Remember, the island gods love a good time, but they have been known to be angered by too much celebrating.

The Pre-Show

The magic starts even before you enter the Enchanted Tiki Room. After enjoying a brief movie about the cultivation of pineapple in Hawaii, the Tiki gods encircling a lush garden spring to life and introduce themselves.

While you wait, take the opportunity to purchase a treat from the Tiki Juice Bar. Taste a Pineapple Dole Whip — a classic treat treasured by both Guests and Tiki Birds.

Eh, it’s no less ripe for adaptation than the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  And by all accounts, Zappa and Wilson are a screenwriting team to watch out for.  They sold their script for Monster Witness Relocation Program to Disney earlier this year, while Zappa’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green has attracted the likes of Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom).

As promised, here’s a clip of the Tiki Room in action.

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