First Domestic Trailer for ENTER THE VOID

     August 9, 2010


Eight years have passed since Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible ruffled feathers with its controversially graphic rape scene.  The French filmmaker unleashed his feature-length follow-up Enter the Void at Cannes last year — where it earned both hyperbolic raves and critical drubbings — and it’s just now making its way to American shores thanks to IFC Films.  The arthouse studio has released the first domestic trailer online; you can check it out after the jump, but only if you promise not to operate heavy machinery for at least an hour.

enter_the_void_gaspar_noe_posterHere’s the official synopsis:

In ENTER THE VOID, a young man desperately tries to be the guardian for his younger sister after the murder of their parents, but he soon realizes that he is dying. This ambitious drama from Gaspar Noe (IRREVERSIBLE) goes beyond simply showing the waking mind of its hero; instead, the audience gets a glimpse of his dreams and his near-death experiences. Marc Caro, best known for his collaborations with Jean-Pierre Jeunet, serves as the art supervisor.

We saw an international trailer in April that was plenty hypnotic, but served as more of a dialogue-free teaser.  I won’t pretend that this domestic trailer gives a clear sense of narrative, but we get a look at the central relationship between the siblings played by Nathaniel Brown and Paz de la Huerta.

More than that, the clip hints that the scope of the film’s stunning cinematography extends beyond the neon lights of the Tokyo night.  As you can see from the synopsis, Marc Caro (The City of Lost Children) is the art supervisor on the film — I suspect he and Noé are a potent combination that can captivate for Enter the Void‘s two-and-a-half hour runtime.  I’ve been keeping tabs on this one for over a year now; can’t wait until it hits theaters on September 24th.  Must start preparing for the experience.

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