Eric Balfour and the RISE OF THE GARGOYLE

     August 5, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

You have got to love the Sci-Fi Channel – for every “Battlestar Galactica” and “Eureka” series you love to watch, the network gives us at least four, borderline-ridiculous, TV movies. For some of these “telefilms,” calling them ‘borderline-ridiculous’ is even being merciful. I’m talking about the movies about giant snakes, killer bugs – hell, you know the deal. Now I’m not saying that these made-for-TV movies aren’t entertaining in their own way… no, I guess that is what I’m saying. Never mind.

Continuing in the proud tradition of “Mega Snake” and “Rock Monster,” Sci-Fi is about to give us “Rise of the Gargoyle.” The pic stars Eric Balfour (you may know him as Milo from “24” or as Claire’s boyfriend Gabe on “Six Feet Under”) and is said to be full of CGI effects. Filming is under way this month in Romania.

Here is the plot according to The Hollywood Reporter: Jack Richmond (Balfour) is a struggling author whose outlandish theories on pagan architecture make him the laughingstock of the academic world. But when Jack finds himself face to face in a demolished church with a live version of the stone gargoyles he’s devoted his life to studying, no one believes his story.

So why would anyone believe his story if he is the laughingstock of the academic world? And how outlandish could an architectural theory (pagan or no) really be? All of these questions and more will be answered when “Rise of the Gargoyle” springs to Sci-Fi in early 2009. Mark your pagan sun dials.

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