Eric Bana and Danny Huston to Play the Title Characters in ELVIS & NIXON

     October 24, 2011


Eric Bana and Danny Huston have signed on to play Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon, respectively, in Cary Elwes‘ directorial debut, Elvis & Nixon.  According to THR, the movie centers on the famous December 21, 1970 meeting/photo-op between The King (who was beginning to enter his Fat Elvis phase) and the crooked president.  Elvis had written Nixon a six-page letter requesting to be a “Federal Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and considering that Elvis died from drug abuse, he was clearly committed to his work.  Elvis brought family photos and a Colt 45 pistol as gifts for Nixon.  Nixon brought an incredibly awkward situation.

THR doesn’t say whether or not Elvis & Nixon is intended to be a comedy, but even if it’s a drama, seeing Bana play Elvis is too enticing a prospect to pass up.  In case you haven’t seen the photo of Elvis and Nixon, hit the jump.

Yep.  These guys have a lot in common.


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