Erica Durance (Lois Lane) Comic-Con Interview SMALLVILLE

     August 3, 2009

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At this year’s Comic-Con, the cast and showrunners of the popular CW show “Smallville” did roundtable interviews with the press right after their presentation ended. I’ve already posted the interview with showrunners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, and after the jump is an interview with Erica Durance (Lois Lane). During the interview she talks about what’s going to happen to Lois in season nine, where is her relationship with Clark going, filming her action scenes, and will we ever see Stiletto again:

Erica Durance image (1).jpgWe heard the Comic-Con reaction went very well.

Erica: It did. I think there were like 6,000 people in there, which was shocking to me. It always is. When you’re out there in Vancouver doing your thing, and then you come down and you see how positive people are–people who are so jazzed and so supportive of all of us…It was really nice to be able to have the whole cast down. And I think that was part of the appeal. And then of course they freaked out when Tom came out, which was hilarious.

He hasn’t done many appearances down here in a while.

Erica: As far as I know…But I don’t know, I haven’t seen all the appearances he does, but I think this was a big deal.

It’s rare for a show to make it to a ninth season. Were you surprised when you got the ninth season pick up, or did you feel you were definitely getting another season?

Erica: I never think, “Oh, I’m getting another season.” I kind of make the best of it, where you’re at and what you’re doing, because this business is so fickle and transient. And I’m just thankful to all the fans that watch it and keep it on the air. And I think that it’s helpful because it started out with him young and all the characters young, and growing into it. So they can have a longer existence, and kind of change, bring in new characters, and have it grow towards more of the mythos, which I think that people will see a lot more in this season, and get a bit of their payoff for all their patience.


Where is the Lois and Clark relationship going this season?

Erica: You know, they give me little hints. I think that you’re going to see a lot more of that triangle. She’s so smitten with the Red-Blue Blur, and yet is undeniably drawn to Clark. And I think over the season, they’ll be able to see how much they depend on each other on so many levels. And I think there’s still that fun, there’s still the comedy side of it, the banter and that sort of thing, but also kind of just trying to figure out how they feel about each other.

Is there still something between Lois and Oliver?

Erica: No. She’s done with Oliver! She’s found the real deal. No, the thing is, the beauty about the relationship with Oliver that I liked is that it was one of the first times you see Lois in something that’s mature, and where she really opens up and is really vulnerable with someone. And so I don’t think you ever forget that first love, and I think that she loves him as a friend, and she sees him in a downward spiral, so there’s a lot of that interaction. I’ve heard that he starts to regret his decision to get rid of Lois. Which I say, “Ha ha!” So now I have, in this season, more of a triangle of two guys kind of vying for her attention, which is a nice treat for Smallville. Usually, it’s all the women salivating over Clark. So it’s kind of fun. It’s fun. I go onto set, “Start to be smitten, boys! Let’s go, it’s your turn!”

Do you ever alter lines to help make the character your own?

Erica: You know, as an actor, I try to find the challenge of…There’s a couple of challenges. First, I’ll read it, and I’ll know instinctually if there’s something she doesn’t do. And then they’ve been really, really helpful. But they’re so good that it doesn’t really stray that much. If it’s a little off, then we talk about it, and then I kind of go, “Is it Erica, or is it Lois? Who’s not comfortable with this?” And then I have to be really honest about it and go, “You know what? She’s human. Maybe she would do that.” So there’s a lot of give and take in that. But definitely, I’ll be able to tell right away when I read something if it doesn’t feel right.

smallville_tom_welling_and_erica_durance.jpgAre you excited or apprehensive when you read a script and find out you have an action scene?

Erica: Depending on if I had just done a lot of action, then I’m like…But I love it. That’s what I enjoy about playing that character. You know, one week, I’m doing two days’ worth of fighting and I’m walking around with bruises, and the next one, I’m in some romantic scene. It’s all over the place, and I love that about her.

How do you feel about the Stiletto costume from last season?

Erica: Oh my gosh, what a riot! You know, I looked at it originally, and some people really hated it…And I just said the thing about Lois is she’ll try anything. Like she will do stuff. She’ll try. But she’ll also be the first one to say, “I was wrong, let me make it right.” And that’s what she did in that episode. She risked her life. She jumped in to save her friends, and she’s like, “I’m sorry.” And I think that’s what makes her human. I think the suit was hilarious because I couldn’t sit down. So they had to build me like a thing to…

Would you like to see the return of Stiletto at some point?

Erica: No, I wouldn’t! [laughs] I couldn’t breathe, eat, or sit. But it was a fun one, for sure.