ESPN’s Monday Night Football is Going 3D in 2014

     September 21, 2011

ESPN's Monday Night Football is Going 3D in 2014 slice

ESPN has just announced an eight-year, $15.2 billion deal, with the National Football League that will allow it to shoot Monday Night Football Games in 3D, starting in 2014.  The new deal will run from 2014 to 2021 and includes a provision for 3D broadcast rights.  While many, myself included, are starting to lose interest in 3D, I saw a post converted football game at Sundance and thought the 3D looked great and it definitely added a new dimension to watching the game.

The fact is, the NFL has never been more popular, as more and more are playing fantasy football.  This new deal might spur regular folks to buying 3D TV’s, and in turn, cause more 3D Blu-ray sales and more TV shows to be broadcast in 3D.  So the big question is…would you buy a new 3D TV to watch football?  I’m definitely curious.